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The cloud solution for growing organisations

Experience the power of cloud-based ams, combining CRM, email marketing, and effortlessly integrated membership management for your growing organisation

Be efficient and
unite your back office

Unite your back office functions with a modern integrated website and member relationship platform which serves members better.

Discover insights
with actionable data

From one central source of business information, agend member platform makes it easy for you to make decisions based on real data.

Helping clients grow:
SMSF Association

The SMSF Association is the peak professional body representing the SMSF sector throughout Australia, established to continually improve the quality of advisors, the knowledge of trustees and the credibility and health of the self-managed
super fund (SMSF) sector.

The agend professional platform was selected as the most flexible, maintainable and engaging platform backed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“Website experience is central to our membership offering and engagement with our trustee clients, we needed a way to deliver greater value and information in a more simplified manner.”

Jessica Beare

National Marketing Manager
SMSF Association

Ticks all the boxes

The dynamic, intuitive solution for membership management on a purpose built engagement platform.

  • Enterprise Supported

    Secure and supported platform uptime 99.5 % with all the benefits of open source technology.

  • Modular design

    Modular by design, you choose what options are important to your members.

  • Experience Driven

    Provides your members a unique digital experience and greater opportunity to engage.

  • Automated workflow

    Cut out repetitive task processing so you can focus on your members.

  • Modern platform

    Professional service members expect with secure transactions & payments to PCI industry requirements.

  • Insightful reporting

    With data centralised one source of truth makes it simple to dashboard and report on activity.

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Who is agend for?

Agend is the perfect fit for Associations, Non-Profit Organisations and Clubs.

Professional Associations

Specifically suited for Associations and Societies who represent specific industries, professions and disciplines whom often have a professional certification as a requirement of their profession.

These professional associations often include trade associations, professional societies, learned societies, industry-specific associations, regional associations, special interest associations, professional certification associations, and advocacy associations.

Non-Profit Organisations

Agend caters for not-for-profit organisations in the fields of charitable, educational, religious, or scientific where groups of like-minded individuals and groups can share their passion and Agend both connects these individuals and simplifies the administration behind the scenes. 


Clubs of all sorts, whether it be sporting, interest-based or similar, can benefit from Agend. We simplify your membership management, communication, running of events, fundraising and the financial side of your club. We can help your club operate more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and engage its members more fully, ultimately leading to a stronger, more vibrant organisation.