agend AMS+

Agend AMS+ is an all-in-one Association Management System (AMS) targeted at associations & professional member organisations looking to operate more efficiently and focus on the membership experience. 

“If you’re looking to grow your membership organisation, consider how you’ll engage members, provide value, establish partnerships, communicate effectively, and adapt to changing needs. Utilise agend™ AMS+ and our experienced consultants to help you on this journey.”

Glen Rosie – Director at agend ™


  • All-in-one AMS

    Agend AMS+ is an Association Management System (AMS) "in a box". Website, member portal, marketing automation, event ticketing and more, all driven by a CRM.

  • Member Experience

    Create a digital member experience that matches the values of your organisation. Enable them to engage, collaborate and self-serve to suit their needs.

  • Communicate Better

    A single source of truth for all your communications with your members via email marketing, marketing automation and event-driven communication.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Utilise Agend AMS+ to improve back-office functions via our intuitive tools; automation capabilities and a single application to run your membership organisation.


  • CRM Driven

    Powered by a flexible, easy-to-use CRM, your contacts are in one location making it simple to report upon; interact with and support them in an efficient manner.

  • Integrated Website

    A fully integrated website with a powerful page builder and the ability to lock down content to members-only ensures your organisation is providing maximum member value.

  • Event & Ticket Management

    Create and manage your events all in one location. Provide member value with member-only pricing whilst increasing revenue with tickets to non-members.

  • eCommerce & Finance

    Sign-up forms with online payments for new members; automated renewals; bi-directional connectivity with finance packages for invoice management are just some ways Agend AMS can automate your back office.

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Member Experience

  • Member Portal

    Members can self-serve and manage much of their membership. Updating personal details; interest topics; previous order & event ticket management; & CPD recording are just a few items members can help themselves.

  • Member-only Pricing

    Provide additional member value with member-only pricing for products, events, training and more. Entice more transactions through marketing automation; coupons & early bird pricing options.

  • Content Personalisation

    Deliver content that's pertinent to each member based on almost any characteristic of their profile: location; membership type; items purchased; assigned tag(s); historical information and much more.

  • Education / CPD

    Integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS); record CPD points; sell education products with much more to come in 2024.


  • Marketing Automation / eDMs

    Built-in marketing automation to reduce double-handling of email lists; onboarding funnels to provide maximum support to members; drag-n-drop eDM editor; create filter recipient lists for specialised emails.

  • Corporate / Individual Memberships

    Agend AMS is at home for organisations that have members whom are individuals; company-based memberships with logins for staff or a mix of both.

  • Business Insights Reporting

    With all the organisation's data stored in one location, creating in-depth reporting and finding business insights is made simple by utilising the detailed reporting tool or create your own reports & graphs.

  • Managed Service

    Agend AMS is a fully managed service. Tier 1 hosting; monthly updates for new features/bug fixes/security updates; local support by the developers who built the system along with written & animated help docs all mean you can concentrate on delivering an outstanding member experience.