Membership relationship
management on a new level.

Enhance your capability to engage members and gain insights like never before.

Feature overview

Plenty of great features to make your life easier.

  • Brilliant

    Brilliant membership contact and sales pipeline.

  • Effective

    Effective communication with members and Engaging content features.

  • Convenient

    Convenient member self-service dashboard

  • Automated

    Automated marketing and newsletter communication

  • Easy

    Easy membership renewal and payment collection for improved retention

  • Smart

    Data and analytics to help you improve services

Six suites, one goal.

agend consists of six software suites. Each suite includes optional modules delivering exciting features for a leading experience. This gives you the most flexibility for your business. Our Web Suite, Member Suite and Marketing Suite are included from the get-go.

  • Web Suite

    Build a new website or portal to connect your members, which is mobile friendly and simple to manage. Read more

  • Education Suite

    Facilitate education offerings from a single course to a series. Track outcomes and report CPD for ongoing education. Read more

  • Member Suite

    Provides all the things your members expect, with online payments through to self service, so you can deliver a leading experience. Read more

  • Event Suite

    Deliver maximum value to your members through effective event promotion, planning, purchase and delivery. Read more

  • Marketing Suite

    Communicate member-value through engaging content tools and marketing automation. Read more

  • Finance Suite

    Automate financial processing and reduce your costs with secure e-commerce and reporting integration with enterprise CRM. Read more