Use case:
Professional Associations

Professional Associations need strong systems that provide value back to members. agend solutions for education management, event management, communications and finance help professional associations to succeed.

Education management tracks CPD credits, event management handles planning and attendance, communications keeps members informed and finance manages financial transactions.

Invest in an Association Management System to streamline operations and grow your organisation. Contact us to learn more.


Alumni Associations, Homeowner Associations, Law & legal Associations, Library Associations, Political Associations, Medical Associations, Public Health Associations..

We think you should focus on following:

Web Suite

All the right tools

Some of the great features that agend will bring to your Association.

  • Continual Education tracking

    This feature allows professionals to track and document their continuing education CPD and comply with certification and licensing requirements.

  • Member management

    This feature allows medical professional associations to track and manage member information, including contact details, membership status, and dues payments.

  • Event management

    This feature enables associations to plan, promote, and execute events, including registration, ticketing, and attendance tracking.

  • Professional networking & Marketing

    This feature allows medical professionals to connect with colleagues and source industry information.