Use case:
Clubs and membership groups

Clubs and membership groups at a grass roots level often have a different focus on community. Targeted investment in member management, event management and ecommerce can help them to thrive.

Member management tracks membership status, event management handles planning and attendance, and finance manages financial transactions. Invest in these systems to streamline operations, better serve members and achieve goals. With these systems in place, clubs and membership groups can focus on growing their communities.

Invest in an Association Management System to streamline operations and grow your club or membership group.
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Fitness Clubs, Garden Clubs, Motorcycle Clubs, Football Clubs, Sailing Clubs, Swim Clubs, Tennis Clubs..

We think you should focus on following:

Web Suite

All the right tools

Some of the great features that agend will bring to your club or membership group.

  • Member management

    This feature allows clubs to track and manage member information, including contact details, membership status, and dues payments.

  • Event management

    This feature enables small clubs to plan, promote, and execute events, including registration, ticketing, and attendance tracking.

  • Financial management

    This feature allows organisations to track and manage financial transactions, including donations, dues payments, and expenses.