Use case:
Non-Profit Organisations

Unions, groups and non-profits rely on the member commuinty for strong growth and provide value in the form of membership benefits. Our suite of products make it simple for associations to deliver value quickly.

Membership management tracks member information, event management handles planning and attendance, communications keeps members informed. These systems are essential for planning, budgeting, promoting, and growing the organization. Strong systems in these areas will help you to better serve members and achieve your goals.

Invest in an Association Management System to streamline operations and grow your organization. Contact us to learn more.


Business, Finance and Banking Organisations, Chamber of Commerce, Churches, Community Services, Foundations & Charities, Networking Groups, Trade Unions..

We think you should focus on following:

Web Suite

All the right tools

Some of the great features that agend will bring to your Non-Profit Organisation.

  • Membership management

    This feature allows organisations to track and manage member information, including contact details, membership status, and dues payments.

  • Event management

    This feature enables organisations to plan, promote, and execute events, including registration, ticketing, and attendance tracking.

  • Communication tools

    This feature allows organisations to communicate with members and other stakeholders through email, social media, and other channels.

  • Financial management

    This feature allows organisations to track and manage financial transactions, including donations, dues payments, and expenses.