Agend Pro – 2023.11 Release

The November release includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.


  • (Products plugin) New shortcode to display sponsors.
    Shortcode example
  • (Base / Products plugins) Add support to show terms and conditions on product pages. The terms and conditions link and/or text is mapped to Upbeat properties in CRM.


  • (Base plugin) Added new options into the Agend flexi search Elementor widget.
    • Show view item button?
    • View button text
    • Image aspect ratio
    • Justify content
  • (Base plugin) Added mechanism so that users can be redirected to a page after login, this is controlled by a field on the contact in Upbeat.
  • (Base plugin) Added caching for 12 hours on get committee API calls. Improves performance of the [agend_ce_committees] shortcode when clicking through to view a single committee.
  • (Base plugin) You can now see the suburb and state along with the venue address in the Agend events list widget.
  • (Base plugin) We’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to hide or show the venue in the Agend events list widget. This gives you more flexibility in customizing how your events are displayed.
  • (Products plugin) Added new options into the Agend event products Elementor widget.
    • Heading
    • Footer content – when event(s) found.
    • Content to show if no events are found
    • Event subject filter
    • Show venue in title?
    • Hide dates for long running events
    • Show timezone
    • Show venue name and address
  • (Brightspace plugin) Added the option to be able to disable enrollments rather than removing them.

Bug fixes

  • (Theme) Minor fix to the display of the “Continue shopping” button on the cart page.