Agend Pro – 2023.10 Release

The October release includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.


  • (Products plugin) – Add an order action for resending a successful payment to the CRM invoice: Save payment to CRM invoice. 
    Action only appears if the order has been paid and the CRM invoice has not been successfully updated with the payment details.User uploaded image
  • (Products plugin) – CRM invoices are now shown in Order pages.
    User uploaded image
  • (Products plugin) We’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to control access to specific menu items in the user’s dashboard based on their membership level. This makes it easier to customize the user experience for different membership types.


  • (Products plugin) Improvements to display of renewals and invoices, particularly on mobile/tablet breakpoints.

    Breakpoint 375px widthBreakpoint 768px widthBreakpoint 992 width
  • (Products plugin) – Support showing CPD hours in Event detail meta box, list view and the Agend Event Products Elementor widget
    Event detail - meta box
    Event list view
    Agend Event Products Elementor widget
  • (Base plugin) – Update ‘Agend Events List’ Elementor widget to support showing CPD hours info.
    User uploaded image
  • (Base plugin) – Agend flexi search elementor widget – new setting to trigger search on filter changes.
    User uploaded image
  • (Agend Theme) Improvements to the display of images for featured events and the display of smaller event images.
  • (Base plugin) Performance improvements to core functions.
  • (Base plugin) Added hooks so that we can trigger actions on an update of member details or qualifications.
  • (Base plugin) Introduced a setting so we can disable the clearing of Upbeat API cache as part of an import process.
  • (Find a member) Improvements to update find a member data in realtime when a user makes changes to their profile, address or any other information that is shown in the Find a member directory.

Bug fixes

  • (Base plugin) Fixed issue where a duplicate contact record could be created if the email address was changed directly in CRM.
  • (Products plugin) Fix event importer setting for auto-archive time period.