Agend Pro – 2023.09 Release

The September release includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.


  • New “24_hour” Gravity Forms merge tag modifier. This can be applied to a merge tag for a 12 hour time field to convert the outputted time into 24 hour format.


  • (Base plugin) Update Member Messaging to support multiple member alerts, and muting messages for the session.
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  • (WooCommerce Agend On Account Payment Gateway plugin)
    • Major changes to the plugin to include new settings for greater control and flexibility.
      • Showing notices on checkout for when the gateway is enabled and available or if the gateway is not enabled or available.
      • Checkboxes for which fields should be set on the invoice in CRM when this payment gateway is used.
      • Whether the gateway is available for renewals.
      • A minimum order limit
      • Ability to disable other gateways when a minimum order limit is reached.
      • Enable and disable the gateway on a range of different criteria.
        Settings available to the Agend On Account payment gateway
  • (Products plugin) Change the gap between retries of payment recording to 1 hour to decrease the length of time of when we’re notified of the 10 attempts failing.
  • (Products plugin) Support for importing and displaying event ticket description. Disabled by default.Setting which controls importing ticket descriptionEvent product description: Price per ticket (incl. GST)

Bug fixes

  • (Base plugin) For event registrations attempt to extract the event ID from the event name field in the case the event ID field is not exposed via Upbeat.
  • (Products plugin) Added the option to source the event videos from registrations rather than transactions, to account for parent/child events.
  • (Theme) Fixed the required field indicator being removed from the address line 1 field during checkout.
  • (Products plugin) Fix related products widgets and shortcode by excluding categories set on all imported products.
  • (Products plugin) Fix Event > Import ‘Event Details’ functionality which broke due to an Advanced Custom Fields update.
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  • (Products plugin) When the user logs in and has items in their cart, prevent WooCommerce from merging the cart with the items from their previous session. This is to prevent the cart from getting into an error state where it contains both an event and an outstanding invoice.