Agend Pro – 2023.04 Release

The April 2023 Agend Pro release includes many improvements, updates, and bug fixes. Notable items are listed below.


  • No new features of note.


  • Improved image handling in events/products importer.
  • Added new event fields from Upbeat.
  • Improved handling of invoices during user checkout and update of registrations.
  • Improved performance of account and member role retrievals. 
  • Improve wording on invoice detail pages.
  • Maintenance and improvement to the code base.
  • Improved event details page layout and order history information.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rare crashes in some scenarios re dietary requirements or user synchronisation.
  • Personal Details forms: Empty “Title” field would default to “Other” and show an additional field when it should remain empty.
  • “Bill to” selector would not change invoice when company was changed.
  • Fixed page title being omitted from the page configured in WordPress to show posts.