Agend Pro – 2023.07 Release

The July release includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.


  • Theme – Add support for enhanced select form fields.
    Gravity form Drop Down > Appearance > Enable enhanced user interface”><br><img decoding=
  • Theme – Support advanced phone fields form inputs. Formats phone fields correctly. Allows easily choosing international country code.
    Once chosen, the plugin adds spaces in the correct places, and strips leading 0s.Showing country code selection - flag and country shown with choice
  • Base- New [agend_account_list] shortcode. Lists account names from CRM, with optional custom filters.
    Shortcode shown wrapped inside an Elementor section with a header.
  • Base- New Gravity Forms processor: “Email address must not have a domain name in the block list.”. Allows selected Gravity Forms to validate email fields against a central manageable list of blocked email domains.
  • Products – Added a new UI for bulk changes to roles for company contacts.
    [agend_company_contacts] Shortcode configured to show the bulk role changes UI.
  • Base – Added the ability to verify email addresses for contacts.
    • Optionally send users a customisable email verification email once a Gravity Form with a user registration feed has been completed e.g. the “Register” form.
    • Optionally require users to have a verified email address before they can log in. Verification status is checked during username and password authentication. The user can trigger a verification email as part of the error message if not already verified.
    • Optionally mark users as having a verified email address when they complete the email-based password reset process.
  • Base – Member Messaging – Added two new Rule types: CPD and Invoices that can be used to show alert messages to customers in My Account pages.
    Member message if the CPD period ends in the next 30 days and the member has not met the minimum requirement.Member message if the contact has unpaid invoices.


  • Forms – Add support for new Filter Group filters: ends_withcontainsdoes_not_containis_inis_not_in
    User uploaded image
  • Theme – Added the ability to select the HTML heading level (<h2>, <h3>, <h4> etc.) used in Agend section headings. The front-end styling is the same for all levels, but this setting allows an appropriate heading level to be set for where the content appears in the structure.
    User uploaded image

Bug fixes

  • DataTools – Email validation is ignored on read-only email fields. It was previously validating these, then setting them to writable after running the validation.
    User uploaded image
  • Forms – Fix a bug where Gravity Form filter groups with AND and OR conditions were not implemented correctly.
  • Forms – Style to dynamically created form fields e.g. A select field whose options are generated based on the answers to other form questions.