Agend Pro – 2023.06 Release

The June release includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes.


  • Products – When setting membership products, you can now set related products required by that membership. Membership related products are added to the cart automatically. They are removed if the membership product is removed. This feature can be used for joining fees, for example.
  • Find a Member – New setting to disable maps and default to a list view of members.
  • DataTools – New setting to disable Address autocompletion.
  • DataTools – New setting to exclude Inactive Businesses from Business lookups.


  • CPD – Add a new shortcode attribute to the graph shortcode to enable filtering by provide
  • Coupons – Improvements to error messages when an expired coupon is used.
  • Products – Improvements to the display of event pricing.
  • Products – Set all imported products to be Virtual by default. Shippable products can be set using a new Agend setting: Shippable Product Types (itemClasses). This enables the Shipping address at checkout for shippable products, given WooCommerce shipping settings are also setup.
  • DataTools – Faster Address and Business detail lookups.

Bug fixes

  • Coupons – Fix a bug where the coupon could be deemed as expired before it is.
  • Find a Member – Fix a JavaScript error on Find a Member detail pages.
  • Find a Member – Fix the display of autocompletion enabled fields when using the Agend theme.
  • Find a Member – Improve the appearance of list view pagination buttons.