When does using software plugins pay off

Technology is changing rapidly but one constant has always been in play. How do you manage your investment, risk and operational needs in the context of off the shelf and open source software vs custom and proprietary software. The swings and round-abouts have been there for a long time.

So what are the pros and cons of off the shelf open source vs custom proprietary software.
Often it’s two fold. Opensource Software that is well used in the community has hundreds and thousands of users, using, testing and improving software. This means that problems get fixed quickly, innovation happens fast and the cost is shared in the community.

Proprietary software doesn’t always have the same luxury. While you may be able to customise till till your hearts content, you are also setting up your own code debt and increasing your ongoing costs.
Changes can’t be made quickly and if you need a change you can be waiting a while, it it’s allowed at all.

How is agend different

Using well known, used and in the field tested components like wordpress cms mean that the cost of ownership is lower and other off the shelf components like media folders can be used quickly and easily.

That’s why at agend our software is a hybrid of off the shelf components with the best of breed proprietary integrations suited to associations and member groups . The best of both worlds at your fingertips, with the innovation and cost savings that go along with it.