member suite

everything your members expect and team need to deliver a leading experience

agend membership portal screen shot showing the dashboard controls

The member platform that helps you focus on what matters.

Member Manager

Collect member applications and take payments easily and quickly.

Member Dashboard

Enable members to manage their details, communicate and upgrade membership online.

Member Directory

Help members build their professional profile and champion expertise growth.

Give your members what they need.

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Make managing member experience easy

Here is how we help you to automate management so you can focus on servce.

agend membership platform screen design layout image
agend membership portal screen shot showing the dashboard controls

Member Dashboard

Amplify your member engagement with the agend member dashboard.

  • Enable members to renew, update and pay online
  • Display special offers for members only
  • Manage membership and user profile integrated with CRM
  • Show members purchase history and resource downloads
  • Preview CPD and  track professional progress.

Member Acquisition

Improve the way you attract, convert and retain members, with application automation and intuitive online membership application forms.

  • Collect membership applications online quickly and securely 
  • Increase staff productivity with automation, to welcome and onboard
  • Process payments for membership instantly using PCI certified payment
  • Display personalised alerts messages or actions for members to complete.

Member Directory

Feature a professional member directory and promote your members and your industry to business, government or to the public.

  • Exceedingly simple member directory listing
  • Mapping of member business locations 
  • Promote your members expertise as a business acquisition tool
  • Advanced filter, search and contact options

combined features make this exceptional

detailed features

Member Suite

Provides your member site all the things members expect and you need to deliver a leading experience

Member manager

  • Online membership application processing that’s simple to complete or saved for later
  • Automated or manual membership application assessment stored in CRM
  • Member payment online via secure PCI compliant gateway so members are onboard right away
  • Automate renewal credit card payments monthly / annually to increase member retention
  • Multiple membership levels and classes 

Member renewal

  • Online membership renewal processing
  • Automated renewal billing and reminder management integrated with CRM

Member dashboard

  • Enable members to manage their account
  • Update contact details and profile
  • Set communication preferences
  • View payment information
  • Upgrade membership
  • Visualise member reports and data
  • Report on their member activity * CRM
  • View charts and education outcomes * CRM


Member directory*

  • Update the professional member directory and profile
  • Help members display their expertise and credentials
  • Search for members by name, location or knowledge group
  • Filter by categories

* optional items 

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