education suite

provide education offerings with outcome tracking for members

The member platform that helps you focus on what matters.


Manage member application, workflows and payments easily.

CPD Reporting

Support members credentials with CPD tracking and reporting.


Provide official certificates for education outcomes and membership milestones.

Guide your members professional growth.

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Educate and track continuing professional development

Here is how we help you to give back to members and develop their potential

CPD Reporting

Simplify the administration of education management and compliance using CRM and agend to tracking student attendance and report education outcomes.
  • Manage continuing professional development standards Fasea, TBP or custom integrated with CRM
  • Centralise reporting for your members CPD education activities online
  • Integrated CPD reporting with organisation lead events or external training
  • Automated CPD reporting or Manual CPD reporting options
  • Members preview CPD and  track professional progress via the portal
  • Integrated with CRM for one source of truth and internal reporting
agend membership portal screen shot showing the dashboard controls


Certify your memberships and member CPD  achievements. Applicants can manage their records and generate transcripts easily from their portal.
  • Generate formal certificates of membership
  • Provide education transcript certificates with results
  • Self managed through the member dashboard
  • Integrated with CRM
  • Optional components available for CPD*

Integrate with your LMS

Agend for CRM can also be integrated with your LMS so you get true centralised reporting and remarkable efficiency gains. Talk to us to find out more.
  • Integrate with external LMS providers API
  • Alternatively you can load education outcomes and reports

combined features make this exceptional

detailed features

Education Suite for member associations

Support your members with education offerings, learning outcomes and support ongoing attendance

Education Manager

    • View sort course enrollments via the dashboard
    • Provide CPD reporting to members so they keep current
    • Learning Management reporting CPD system integrations
    • CPD tracking for event attendance and training
    • Official Certificate Generation / Reporting for member records