Agend's Mobile App for Conferences, Events and More.

Provide more and communicate better with your members via Agend’s mobile app. Branded for your association.

Agend App

Key features

Putting Your Members First


Your organisation's name, logo, colours are all used to customise the app.

App Stores

Available on both the Apple App Store & Google Play Store under your organisation's name.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allow your members to sign in with the same details as they do to your website.

Push Notifications

Communicate important information with your members via push notifcations.

Conferences & Events

Synchronise your conference & event information from your website directly to the app and utilise one app for all your events.

Share News & Interact With Your Members

Publish news articles, media releases and more to the app. Gain insights via polls & ratings.

Conferences & Events

Connect with your members

Our app is designed to make running your annual conference or any number of events simple by using a single source-of-truth for data: your Agend website.

Contact List

Attending delegates to an event can see other attendees (should they choose to be shown); they can favourite attendees and contact them via the details they choose to share via their profile settings in the app.

Event Features

Delegates can see a full list of all events run by your organisation; they can then find out more about events they’ve purchased a ticket to. They can see what sessions are running & when via a program schedule along with who the speakers and relevant sponsors.


Gain insights from your delegates on their experience of the conference/event via interactive tools. Ability to rate speakers & sessions, live Q&A as well as polling of the audience. 

Profile Management

Delegates’ information will be pulled directly from your Agend website with some fields being able to be updated via the app. Allow your members the control of privacy over their attendance status; contact information for connecting with other delegates and more.