finance suite

automate financial processing and reduce costs with secure payment and accounting general ledger integration

Financial reporting

With integrated payment, invoicing reporting and exports to Xero or Myob you're covered

Secure payments

Integrated with industry leading e-commerce payment gateways your payments are PCI compliant and automated

Donation collection

Suggest donations simply and easily as part of your member transaction and engagement

Streamline your accounting, and member collections.

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Stop chasing payments and renewals

Here is how we help you automate payments, receipts and track finances, so you have a complete picture of your finances

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Financial reporting

Centralise your dues, product and service payments with integration to CRM.

  • Enable members to renew and pay online
  • E-commerce setup and configuration
  • Record payment through professional and PCI DSS secure gateways
  • Integrate with eWay or Stripe payment
  • Use CRM to separate GL accounts for member fees, donations or products
  • Simplify your accounting with MS Dynamics, Xero or Myob.

Donation collection

Improve donation engagement and gifts to charity, and streamline processing through online payment automation.

  • Use online payments to record and process gift donations
  • Report on key donors and donation levels
  • Automate payment collection through secure gateways
  • Integrated with CRM features to extend options
    • Offline donations
    • Regular giving
    • Bequests planning

combined features make this exceptional

detailed features

Finance Suite

Automate financial payments and processing for member renwals or purchases

Finance and payment reporting

    • Secure PCI-compliance ecommerce facility and gateway
    • Automated invoices and receipts
    • Take membership payments instantly – upfront or subscription
    • Process automated renewal payments instantly
    • All financial information is stored or exported to your financial accounting system

Donation collection*

    • Take donations online
    • Suggest donation products as members transact
    • Process donations online and automate collection
    •  Integrate with CRM for additional benefits
    • Bequest, annual or monthly donations