How to Create a Post?

A post is a topical element that changes regularly, like news items, magazines or media releases.
Depending on your configuration you may have just Media Releases or you may have multiple post types available for your site structure. – Watch a video with instructions

  1. Creating a post is simple. Go to the Posts section and click the Add New button. You will see this form where you enter the title of your news item.
  2. Enter your text for the news content.
  3. Below this is the Yoast SEO panel which you should use to fill in SEO Focus Phrases, and Page snippets once you’ve written the news content. (Use key phrases and words)
  4. On the right-hand side scroll down to select an image for the post. Your feature image is displayed next to the post.
  5. Make sure the category is selected for the news post.
  6. When ready you can preview the post or publish it using the button in the top right of the screen.

NOTE: Posts are not edited with Elementor and this feature will not display.

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Updated on 26/03/2024