How to Create a New Pipeline in CRM?

  1. Navigate to the Pipelines Section: Once you’re logged into your CRM, locate the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen and click on the “Pipelines” tab. This will take you to the Pipelines section.
  2. Create a New Pipeline: In the Pipelines section, click on the “New Pipeline” button that is located at the top left of the Pipelines page.
  3. Set up Pipeline Details: In the pipeline creation page, provide a name for your pipeline that reflects its purpose or the membership stage it represents. For example, you can name it “Membership Renewal Pipeline.”
  4. Configure Pipeline Stages: For each stage, give it a descriptive name that identifies the phase of the membership journey it represents. For example, you can have stages like “Prospect,” “New Member,” “Renewal,” and “Lapsed Member.”
  5. Customise Stage Properties: Customise each stage by adding relevant properties and fields to capture additional information specific to that stage. For example, for the “New Member” stage, you may want to include fields like “Joining Date,” “Membership Level,” or “Lead Source”.
  6. Set Up Actions and Automation: Determine the actions and automation to be triggered at each stage of the pipeline. For example, when a contact moves to the “New Member” stage, you can set up an action to send a welcome email or add them to a specific email list. This can be set up via a funnel. Please refer to the above sections. 
  7. Define Transitions between Stages: Connect the stages in a logical sequence, defining the transitions between them. For example, a contact may move from the “Prospect” stage to the “New Member” stage after completing a membership application form. This can be set up via a funnel. Please refer to the above sections. 
  8. Save the Pipeline: Once you have configured all the stages and actions, click on “Save” to activate the pipeline. Remember to check if all the stages are correctly linked to your desired funnel actions.  The pipeline will now be ready to track and manage the progression of contacts through the defined stages.

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