How to Create a Page?

  1. Content pages are simple and easy to edit. – Watch a video with instructions.
    From the Dashboard – select the Pages section (1)  and click the Add New button, or Edit link.

2. When creating a new page of content it is recommended that you start by using a template and editing the template to suit your page of content. This will prefill structure for you within the page and allow you to build consistent pages quickly and easily.

Content Tips

  • Ensure there is plenty of white space between content items
  • Research* confirms people scan online content (79%) so highlight key terms, and use subheadings and bulleted lists to cut down word clutter.
  • Write good quality content, to the point and concisely.

Research by group writing for the web

3. Click on the Folder Icon – and open the MyTemplates location and select the Custom template built for you. You can preview the template before inserting the custom template into the page.

4. Here you can see the template layout on the page with all the layouts configured and ready to edit text and insert any relevant images.

5. When finished you can publish the page. It’s always important to use the Responsive Mode Preview to check the page will display correctly on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices. Changes to the page may be necessary to suit smaller screen sizes.

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Updated on 30/05/2024