Funnel Use Cases

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Below are some examples of how using the CRM funnels efficiently can automate and enhance operations for your membership association:

  • Lead Generation: Funnels can be designed to automate the lead generation process for your membership association. By creating a membership enquiry form on your website, you can collect contact information and automatically enrol new leads into a funnel. These new leads will automatically appear in the “New Leads” section of your Sales/Deals Pipeline. 
  • Member Onboarding: A member onboarding funnel in the CRM refers to a series of automated steps and actions designed to guide new members through a seamless and engaging onboarding process. This funnel helps automate and enhance the member onboarding experience for a membership association.
  • Membership Renewals and Reminders: Funnels can automate membership renewal processes, ensuring timely reminders are sent to members as their renewal dates approach. By setting up a funnel, you can schedule automated emails to remind members about upcoming renewals, provide instructions for renewal, and offer incentives or discounts to encourage timely renewals.
  • Personalised Member Communication: Funnels allow you to segment your members based on their interests, membership levels, or other criteria. This segmentation enables personalised communication tailored to specific member groups. You can create funnels that deliver targeted content, event invitations, newsletters, or exclusive offers based on members’ preferences and engagement history.
  • Event Management and Engagement: Funnels can streamline event management processes for your membership association. From event registration to post-event follow-ups, you can design a funnel that automatically sends event-related emails, manages RSVPs, sends event reminders, and collects feedback. This automation reduces manual effort, ensures consistent communication, and enhances member engagement.
  • Education and Training Programs: If your membership association offers educational programs or training, funnels can be used to automate the enrollment process and deliver content in a structured manner. A funnel can guide members through course registration, deliver course materials, send reminders for assignments or assessments, and provide certificates upon completion. This enhances the member learning experience.

Member Surveys and Feedback: Funnels can automate the process of gathering member feedback and conducting surveys. By designing a feedback funnel, you can send surveys to members, collect their responses, and trigger follow-up emails based on their feedback. This helps you gather valuable insights, improve member satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions.

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Updated on 26/03/2024
Table of contents