How to Use the Tickets Functionality?

Use the ‘Tickets’ functionality to sell and manage tickets to your events. These ticket functions enable you to handle event registrations, ticket sales, payment processing, and attendee management. 

  • Ticket Creation: Event Tickets allow you to create different types of tickets for your events. You can define ticket prices, quantity, and availability dates, and assign specific ticket attributes to different membership tiers.
  • Ticket Inventory and Availability Management: You can set limits on the number of tickets available for each event and track ticket sales in real-time. Event Tickets Plus helps you manage ticket inventory and automatically closes ticket sales when the limit is reached.

Use the ‘Advanced’ ticket options to assign SKUs to tickets, and collect any type of attendee information. The registration form can be customised as per your requirements. For example, you can set up a form to collect dietary requirements. 

  • Attendee Registration: Use registration forms where attendees can provide their details during the ticket purchase process. This allows you to collect attendee information like names, email addresses, and additional custom fields.
  • SKUs – Use the SKU tab to enter a unique identifying code for each ticket type. This SKU can be linked to several factors like the event itself, the location or the time and date of the event. 
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Updated on 25/03/2024