How to Edit Events – Typical settings?

Quickstart for editing an event and getting it ready for publication. Navigate to the Event section on the Dashboard

The event page can be edited with either the standard editor or the elementor editor on the main page. Conference builder pages, programs and other pages are configured using the conference builder using the standard content controls. 

Edit the event and start to enter the main details of the event.

The main page should sell the key benefits of the event

  • Key background on why they should be interested
  • List of what they will learn or achieve by attending the event
  • Details of any drawcard presenter, guest or facilitator
  • A call to action to get them to register.

Remember  – you can create additional pages and not all content has to be on the first page – you only need to get people interested and drive them to find out more and register.

  • Use the main page content to provide the key details and images of the event and hooks to get people interested and encourage them to buy a ticket.
  • Use the same page to extend your event content with Speakers and Moderators, Sponsors, Locations such as rooms, as well as sub-pages to help you sell the conference.
  • Upload an event banner image by clicking on “add image” on the bottom right side of the same page.

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Updated on 25/03/2024