How to Create Events?

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The steps involved in creating an event on your Agend AMS website.

    Primary Steps

    1. Adding a title and detailed description.
    2. Providing time and venue details
    3. Adding a featured image and categorising the event before publishing.
    1. In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Events” and click on “Add New” to create a new event. 
    2. Provide a title for your event in the designated field. 
    3. Enter the event details, speaker bios and sponsor information in the white box below the title. 
    4. Enter the event details, including the date, time, location, description, and any other relevant information in the event editor. 
    5. Configure the event settings, such as event categories, tags, organizer details, event website links, and featured images. 
    6. Set up event tickets and registration options if needed, and specify ticket types, prices, availability, and any additional details. 
    7. Customize the event display settings, including the event template, layout, and design options.
    8. Preview the event to ensure it appears as desired and make any necessary adjustments. 
    9. Once you are satisfied with the event’s configuration, click on the “Publish” or “Update” button to make it live on your website. 
    10. You can then share the event by providing the event page URL or embedding it on relevant pages or posts.

    It’s important to test the event registration and ticketing functionality to ensure a seamless experience for your event attendees. 

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    Updated on 10/07/2024
    Table of contents