How to Track and Monitor an Email Campaign in CRM?

  1. Navigate to the “Broadcast” Section: On the CRM dashboard, locate the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen and click on the Broadcast tab. This will take you to the list view of all your campaigns.
  2. Select the Campaign to Monitor: In the Broadcasts section, you’ll see a list of existing campaigns. Select the email campaign you want to monitor by clicking on its name. This will open a detailed report. This report will allow you to –
    1. Choose the date range
    2. Customise Report Parameters
    3. Monitor Delivery and Open Rates
    4. Track Click-through and Unique Click Rates
    5. Analyse Conversion Metrics
    6. Generate Campaign Reports
  3. Take actions based on the report: If required, the CRM has the option to edit the same campaign and resend it to unopened contacts of the same campaign. 
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Updated on 25/03/2024