How to Broadcast an Email Campaign in CRM?

(Watch a video with instructions)

  1. Navigate to the “Emails” OR “Broadcast” Sections: On the CRM dashboard, locate the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen and click on the Emails or Broadcast tab. This will take you to the list view of all your emails.
  2. Choose the Email to Broadcast: In the Emails or Broadcast section, select the email you want to broadcast by searching for its name. 
  3. Review the Campaign Content: In the email editor, review the content of your emails, including the subject line, email template, and any dynamic fields or personalised content. Ensure that everything is accurate and aligned with your goals.
  4. Configure the Broadcasting Settings: In the campaign editor, locate the “Broadcast” button. Click on it to start configuring the broadcasting settings for your campaign.
  5. Schedule your broadcast: You can schedule your broadcast by selecting the “Now” or “Later” option. To schedule a broadcast, simply set a date and time. You can also send a broadcast in the contact’s local time zone. Then click “Next”.
  6. Choose the Recipient List: For the next step, select the recipient list for the email broadcast. The CRM allows you to choose from your existing contact lists or create a new segment. Select the appropriate list that includes the members you want to send the email campaign to.
  7. Review and Confirm: Before broadcasting the email campaign, carefully review all the settings, content, and recipient lists. Ensure that everything is as intended. Once you are satisfied, click on the Send” or “Confirm and Schedule”  button to initiate the email campaign.

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