Agend Education Products Widget

Training events are handled slightly differently to regular events. Training is usually an ongoing cycle of an event. It can be run remotely and often has video or CPD elements.

You can use Agend Education Products Widget to craft a workshop landing page that promotes education products of certain types and allows for one purchase direct to the checkout for registration and payment.

These types of Training events can be filtered from your normal events calendar and presented as event training products using the widget settings once you drag the widget into your page.

In this example the event series is a Webinar.
All the event details are setup in the same way regular events are in CRM, however the event is excluded from the calendar and only shown in the output here using this plugin.
Events can be further excluded or filtered based on what is required.

The images and ticket prices will output based on what has been configured in CRM and the options selected in the widget.


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Updated on 27/03/2024