What Are The Essential Aspects of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

This page covers the essential aspects of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) within an association context. CRM is a powerful tool that enables you to manage and nurture relationships with your members, track interactions, and improve communication and engagement. By effectively utilising the CRM features of your Agend AMS, you can enhance member satisfaction, increase retention rates, and drive overall association success.

This document has been prepared for admins who will undertake the day-to-day operational tasks in the CRM. Collect, filter, and segment your data to get a better understanding of your membership list. Leverage your data to predict and alter buying and engagement habits. The following tools will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your membership database to enhance your operations and improve efficiencies:

Contact Management  #

Keep track of all your contacts right inside the WordPress admin dashboard.

  • Custom Fields – Add your desired custom fields to collect the data that are important to your association.
  • Tags & Segmentation – Assign tags to contacts to search and segment them using search filters.
  • Activity Tracking – Site activity is automatically collected and saved to the contact record for reporting to analyse member journey. 
  • Company Records – Manage and keep track of all organisations and related contacts in one place. 
  • Custom Reports – Generate and build a custom report dashboard to better understand your membership association.

Sales Automation  #

Convert contacts to members. Take care of what’s important and automate the rest. Assign tasks, set reminders and manage your pipeline. 

  • Sales Pipeline – Keep track of all the deals in your pipeline. You can even track multiple pipelines.
  • Lead Scoring – Know who’s ready to buy a membership by setting up custom activity tracking rules.

Email Marketing  #

Create quality email content, schedule emails in advance, boost email engagement and generate detailed email campaign reports.

  • Plain Text Email Editor – It’s proven that minimalist emails outperform heavily designed emails by 60%.
  • Custom HTML Templates – You can import your custom HTML email templates.
  • Email Engagement Reports – Generate detailed metrics of opens, clicks, and conversions.
  • Email Broadcasts –  Let your entire member list know about upcoming events and conferences. 
  • Scheduled Emails – Set up automated emails for membership renewals, payment reminders and event notifications. 
  • Conditional Content – Tailor messaging based on whether a contact matches specified membership criteria.

Workflow Automation #

Replace menial tasks with automation. Create funnels and workflows to deliver content, nurture and convert membership leads, without ever getting involved.

  • Automated Funnels – Automate your business processes and lead members through their membership journey. 
  • Conditional Logic – Create sophisticated automation to tailor the journey to your members’ specific needs.
  • Funnel Analytics – Get a detailed breakdown of what is working well, and what is not working in your funnel.
  • Form Builder – Create forms and integrate them into your workflow automation to generate member information. 
  • Member Onboarding – Improve member experience and retention with a custom automated member onboarding sequence.
  • Login Reminders – Send automated emails and reminders to members to start a task or to complete abandoned tasks.
  • Automated Followup – Create automated follow-ups with members and internal staff to complete tasks. 
  • Drip Content – Drip feed content to members based on activity. 

Please Note: As admins, you will handle data entry and updates in the CRM on an ongoing basis. This includes maintaining accurate and up-to-date member records. Regular data hygiene practices, such as deduplication merging and data cleansing, should be performed to maintain data integrity.

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