Functionalities of Content Management

Agend Design Fonts and Colours

Your site has been configured to use global brand settings for the correct colours and fonts from the agend theme to suit your branding and style guide, as well as the font sizes used for body text, headings and buttons.

We recommend that you do not change fonts per page and use the standard global settings. If you have a corporate brand change or need to modify the font, it’s much simpler to do if managed from the global setting.

The Elementor Editor will allow you to override the global settings for fonts, colours and sizes however if misused this will cause your template pages to be inconsistent and difficult to maintain in the long term.


Elementor contains customised templates built for your organisation. We have defined these for you as part of the project and to access these when adding new pages, you simply need to select the Add Template folder icon when creating a new page.

Select your template from the My Templates Tab. This process is covered in the above new page creation section.


Warning: Elementor contains default templates and blocks that have not been customised to your business and will contain unbranded text, colours and other elements which are not supported. We do not recommend that you use Blocks or Pages which have not been created for your project.

Header Settings

The header for your website has been preconfigured in the theme setup for your organisation.
All pages other than the home page can display either a theme colour title banner or an image.

  1. From the Page Editor Pane, select the cog icon.

2. This allows you to Change the Page Title, Status and also set a Feature Image for the page header.

Footer Settings

Footer settings can be configured only by the theme. These have been pre-configured for you.

The Footer consists of four columns and a social follow Us icon set.
There is also one large row above and below the 4 columns.

These are configured using theme Widgets for the Newsletter position

Other Support Resources

More resources and training are available online for Elementor and can be found on the Elementor Academy site.

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Updated on 26/03/2024