What are the Website Concepts – Orientation and Navigation in Content Management?

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This section describes key functional areas of your site and their components.

Most content created is either a Posts type  or Page type.


Posts are used to create topical content which changes – typically items like Media Releases and News items generally which provide date and time based information. 

Posts are usually created from one repository and are Categorised (News / Media Release)

Categories are used as a grouping and should be limited to a limited set of categories.

Tags can be applied to any post but should be used to tag content with keyword terms to make searching easier. 

News posts are set up in a number of different ways and generally speaking the news page once configured on the site does not need to be edited directly.  When news posts are created they will dynamically update the relevant news page with content throughout the site.

Posts are not edited with the Elementor Editor.


Pages are used to create standard page structures across your site.

Your homepage, terms and conditions etc are pages which are structural and contain content.

Your site structure  has been set up with some standard pages, ready for your content editors to add to, edit and adjust as necessary. 

Pages are edited with the elementor editor

  1. Standard page types – About Us / Home / Membership etc.
  2. Note – news posts can be displayed on any standard page using the elementor post widgets. This will output the news post grid dynamically.
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Updated on 27/03/2024
Table of contents