Upgrading and Downgrading Group Memberships


To manually upgrade or downgrade a group membership in the backend system.

Important note:

  1. If upgrading or downgrading during membership renewals, edit the current membership subscription.
    • Remove ‘Next Payment’ date
    • Add ‘End Date’.
  2. Only then proceed with the next steps.

Primary Steps

  1. Create a new parent order with the membership upgrade product
  2. Create a new subscription and link it to the parent order
  3. Cancel the existing membership subscription once payment for the membership upgrade order has been received.

Key Steps

  1. Introduction
    • Purpose: To manually upgrade or downgrade a group membership.
    • Steps involved: Creating a new parent order, creating a subscription order, linking the subscription to the parent order, and cancelling the old membership subscription.
  2. Editing Current Membership Subscription
    • If upgrading or downgrading at the time of membership renewals:
      • Remove the next payment date.
      • Add a membership subscription end date.
  3. Creating New Orders for Upgraded Membership
    • Add a new parent order with the latest membership product (e.g., Gold Membership).
    • Include the team name as a meta.
    • Save the order and note the order number.
  4. Creating New Subscription for Upgrade Product
    • Link the subscription to the parent order.
    • Add the team name to link the subscription to the group membership.
    • Adjust the payment schedule for the subscription (e.g., yearly payment).
  5. Finalising the Upgrade
    • Receive payment for the new order.
    • Cancel the existing membership subscription by changing the status to “cancelled.”
    • Add notes for record-keeping purposes.
  6. Conclusion
    • Successfully upgrade or downgrade a group membership.
    • Contact support for any questions or assistance.

Cautionary Notes

  • Ensure to add meta team_name and the company name during the creation of Parent and Subscription orders.
  • Ensure to add notes for every manual upgrade or downgrade made in the system.
  • Double-check all details entered to avoid errors in the process.

Tips for Efficiency

  • Keep track of the parent order number for reference throughout the process.
  • Save changes periodically to avoid losing progress.
  • Communicate any issues or questions to the support team for assistance.

By following these steps carefully, you can successfully upgrade or downgrade group memberships in the backend system. For any further inquiries, contact support@agend.com.au.

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Updated on 21/06/2024