How to Manually Assign Memberships to Contacts?

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to E-Commerce, located on the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on “Memberships” to access the Memberships settings and management options.
  3. On the top left corner, click on “Add Member” to add a new contact to an Individual, Generate or Retired membership. 
  4. To add contacts to Group memberships, click on “Team” on the menu options on top of the same “Membership” page. (Covered in detail below – Group Membership Management)
  5. To add an existing CRM/WordPress user as a member select a user from the dropdown by searching for the user’s name or email address. 
  6. To add a completely new user select “create a new user to add as a member” from the dropdown options. 
  7. Once you have selected the type of user you would like to add as a member, select the user and allocate the desired membership type.
  8. Now that the user has been added to a membership you need to invoice the membership fee manually. 

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