Managing Group Memberships in Agend AMS


The objective of this tutorial is to guide AMS admins on how to

  • add new team members to a group membership manually,
  • remove existing team members from a group membership, and
  • update the owner of a group membership in Agend AMS.

Key Steps

  1. Accessing Group Memberships
    • Navigate to the WordPress dashboard.
    • Click on “Memberships” under e-commerce.
    • Select “Teams” from the top menu to view all group memberships.
  2. Adding a Team Member
    • Choose the group membership (e.g., Testing Company Limited).
    • Click on the “Add Member” button.
    • Search for the user to add (e.g., William Scott) and select.
    • Click “Add Team Member” and update the change to CRM.
  3. Removing a Team Member
    • Click on the “Remove” button next to the user’s name (e.g., Henry).
    • Confirm the removal by clicking “Delete User Memberships” and “Remove Member”.
  4. Changing the Owner
    • Locate the owner field on the right side of the screen.
    • Search for the new owner within existing team members (e.g., William Scott).
    • Select the new owner and click “Update”.
  5. Editing Subscription Order
    • Open the subscription link in a new tab.
    • Update customer details to reflect the new owner (William Scott).
    • Click on “Load Billing Details” to update billing information.
    • Click “Update” to save changes to the subscription.
  6. Finalizing Changes
    • Ensure all changes are saved.
    • Click “Process WP Fusion Actions” to update tags in CRM.
  7. Closing

Cautionary Notes

  • Ensure that the maximum number of members allowed in the group membership is not exceeded.
  • Ensure that the new owner selected is an existing team member of the group membership.
  • Double-check all changes before updating to avoid errors in membership management.
  • Make sure to update the subscription details so the new owner can receive billing information.

Tips for Efficiency

  • Keep track of the number of members in each group membership to avoid exceeding the limit.
  • Use the search function in the CRM database to quickly find and add new team members.
  • Verify all changes before clicking on the “Update” button to prevent errors.
  • Regularly review and update group memberships to ensure accurate ownership and membership details.
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Updated on 21/06/2024