Manual Order Creation


To manually create an order for an existing user in the back end of the Agent AMS system.

Key Steps

  1. Navigate to the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Hover over e-commerce and click on orders to access the orders page.
  3. Click on “Add Order” to create a new order.
  4. Search for the user by first name, last name, or email address.
  5. Select the user (e.g., Dave Smith) and set the order status to “Pending Payment” or “Complete” based on payment status.
  6. If billing details are available, they will be automatically populated; if not, manually add them.
  7. Add the product (e.g., event ticket) to the order.
  8. Recalculate taxes and add them to the order.
  9. Scroll to the top of the order page, under order actions, and click on “Create Order.”
  10. Once the order is created, the system will display an order updated message.

Cautionary Notes

  • Ensure the correct user is selected before proceeding with order creation.
  • Double-check the payment status before marking the order as complete.
  • Verify billing details for accuracy to prevent errors in processing.

Tips for Efficiency

  • Use specific search criteria to quickly find the user.
  • Regularly update billing details to streamline the order creation process.
  • Recalculate taxes before finalizing the order to avoid discrepancies.

Thank you for watching this tutorial. If you have any further questions, please log a ticket at

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Updated on 14/06/2024