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After decades of helping not-for-profits, small businesses and enterprise grow using web technology we kept finding gaps in enterprise software. That’s where agend somes in.

Designed specifically to help our membership clients,  agend suite is a service that’s low on cost but high on value outof the box.

The agend membership platform is designed for forward-thinking associations who want to deliver exceptional member experience and insights to drive business.

Dont hang about, say g’day.

Software development

We think the platform is arguably the best membership platform available.

Purpose built yet simple and engaging, we roadmap platform development to the needs of members and the organisations they belong to.

We offer you the best platform possible using technology that’s business-grade supported, maintained and scalable. So as you grow your technology platform CRM and CMS will also grow with you.

Providing exceptional return on investment the platform gives you peace of mind that your members are well served and your business systems compliment existing business infrastructure.



We’re often asked, is the software developed and maintained?

The good news is yes.

Feature options are release to the roadmap quarterly, often input from our valued clients becomes new feature of function worthy and we love hearing from you all.

Secure and PCI compliant

We understand your needs for a secure and safe technology stack. 

agend hosting, payment gateways and systems make security straightforward,  so you and your members can be confident of an enterprise level platform.


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